This 3 day workshop by Denni Dennis is a guided journey to discover your unique and personal way of bringing your intuitive clown to life. Learn how to build up and maintain the contact with the audience.


How to maintain and use the system of the 3 seconds power.


Denni Dennis will also introduce his GPS Movements System for you Saturday morning.


Denni Dennis will combine his background of the European style of Jacques Lecoq, Russian character clown and the Pochinko method, with his personal experience working in clown and as a clown teacher.


Throughout the Workshop he will let the student explore the clown’s world – what makes us laugh and why, with an emphasis on having fun and searching for the beauty and poetry of each clown.

Denni will help the student to take the necessary risk to become honest with himself and who they are, as that is the only way to make your clown exist.


This Workshop will allow the student to take the space and opportunity to explore plastic training, status play, improvisation, parody, and your personal creativity, working individually and within groups.


Denni Dennis, born in Denmark and founder of his international Company "The Denni Dennis’ Company Clowns".


Denni Dennis is trained as a dancer, and then an clown at The Commedia School in Copenhagen DK.


Denni has extensive training in the Jacques Lecoq style of mime, the Russian character clown, and the Pochinko method (Native American spiritual clown) which he has been studying with Sue Morrison in Canada.


Denni is also a student in mime teaches by the Russian theater professor Elena Markova.


His work has taken him around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Central Asia and Russia both as a professional clown, workshop leader and director.


Hosting a workshop, please contackt me If you are interested in hosting a clown workshop.

I will be very happy for helping you organize a Clown Workshop in your community or city.

Please send me an email and we will make it happening.